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At last. It was written some time ago but I wanted to provide a recording of it as well — for which I must apologize. I didn’t want to do the music from scratch and I couldn’t find versions that were more, um, in my range, hence the strangled cat sounds.  Herewith the lyrics:

Ni Hi Li Pi Lification
All those
Rolled into one

Like an
Train pulling out of a station
If it’s quite done

One magical word storm
Now here is its verb form, to

Nau — I
Hope that you’re paying attention
For it’s almost too late —
Cini Hili Pili Fi Cate


When you see something that does not enthrall
A thing that’s got no worth at all
You think its value is very small
Then what you’re doing is what we call

F Locci Nauci
Nihi Li Pili
F Locci Nauci
Nihi Li Pili

You’d think you could say it with a lot less breath
But other ways bore me to death
I think that there’s no better way
So quit your grumbling and let me say

F Locci Nauci
Nihi Li Pili
F Locci Nauci
Nihi Li Pili
For when you just don’t care


If you think
Words are scary
This’ll frighten you
If you like
You’ll like this too
Once you have heard

If you’re a massive fan of
Lengthy words
Well here’s the longest one
Floc Ci Nau
Ci Ni Hi Li Pili
Fi Cation

What’s it mean?
What’s it matter?
Do you really care?
If you think it’s
Wasting time
You’re probably un-
aware that that

Is just its definition
What it means
Is just what you have thought
Floc Ci Nau
Ci Ni Hi Li Pili
Fi Cation


Big words, they make you goggle
Rare words, they hit the spot
You moan when you play Boggle
And Scrabble makes you hot

You’ve simply no reaction
To garter belts and lipstick
But there’s a mad attraction
To crosswords that are cryptic

The kind of arcane nonsense
That all language buffs adore
And when you put the tiles down
It’s the best you’ve ever scored
But it won’t fit on the board

Flocci Nauci Ni
Hilipi Li Fi Cation
That’s the core of your
Silly preoccupation
Just trying to prevent
Mental coagulation
Flocci Nauci Ni
Hilipi Li Fi Cation
This verbal perambulation
Hilipi Li Fi Cation

In English there’s no finer
Big word in which to delve
Of letters, 29, sir
Of syllables, it’s 12
If words were like gorillas
You’d be looking at King Kong
And if you think it’s nothing special
Just a little long
Try to put it in a song!

Flocci Nauci Ni
Hilipi Li Fi Cation
Lyrics with it need
Word prestidigitation
Just the sight of it
Causes procrastination
When you’re done you will
Beg for a long vacation
That or defenstration
Hilipi Li Fi Cation

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